Rich P. Evolon

Rich P Evolon is an upcoming hip-hop artist, songwriter and entrepreneur from
Peoria, Illinois.

As an outlet for self expression, his musical journey began at only nine years old. Experiences, such as growing up with no parents were reflected in his music and his outlook on life. Finding inspiration in the personal struggles of his childhood and his community, Rich often used these experiences to master the art of storytelling and paint pictures through his lyrics.

His sound has been described as both vulnerable and gritty. Rich vows to use his music to shine light on the darkness in the world. By connecting with those who feel neglected, rejected and left out, he has organically built a fan base over the years.

Musical influences, have been artists such as Eminem, J. Cole, Nipsey Hussle, T.I and Young Jeezy. These artists have an authentic and captivating way of sharing messages and moving people through their music. He believes that these artists are rare in hindsight, because they aren’t afraid of going against the status quo in the name of art.

Rich sets himself apart from other rising artists by being innovative in sound and
avoiding current trends in the music industry. In his eyes, it would be a disservice
to be anything other than original and honest as an artist. Rich makes music to
share his perspective on life. In addition to his own strides in music, he has
continued to make efforts as an entrepreneur to assist other upcoming artists
with his knowledge in business and connections.

Although he has opened up and performed for names such as Blac Youngsta,
Cashout and Twista, his overall goal in the music industry is to simply be
respected and appreciated for his work. Rich measures success, not by the amount of trophies, but by how many lives you touch and how many people you
inspire to live outside normal expectations respectfully.

Text Rich P: (404) 737-0303